Greetings from the icy heart of winter! As I write this, I am waiting for my government-issued flamethrower that I can use to attack the giant mounds of snow that have infiltrated the parking areas of my neighborhood here in Boston. Until it arrives, I will busy myself with skinning rabbits caught in my snares and updating my website.

The newest of the news is that the paperback of BLACK MOON was released on Janauary 20th. Like the hardback, it has a fantastic cover and I am once again in awe and indebted to the brilliant designer (in this case, Christopher Brand). I hope the shiny bits attract people as well as they attract barracudas. The book is available everywhere, including places like Walmart, but I encourage you to seek it out at your local indie store, if you have a local indie store. If not, you might consider moving, or maybe hitting the nearest Barnes and Noble.

For some backstory on the book and a bit about my citric past, please check out this recent piece by columnist David Allen that appeared in my hometown newspaper, the Daily Bulletin.