After years of scribbling stories and chipping away at the longer form, I'm finally able to say that I have written a novel. Called BLACK MOON, it's a story about an insomnia epidemic. Yes, it's an end-of-the-world tale in which everyone, except a couple key characters, stops sleeping. I'm sure you can imagine what this might mean for life as we know it. That's exactly what I did: imagine. Next thing I knew, a book was born.

The novel is being published by Hogarth, an imprint of Crown. There's a US version (cover to the right) and a UK version (cover in background). I'm happy to report that it will also be published in France and Brazil. I'm eager to see what those covers will look like. The US and UK covers are incredible, far exceeding my expectations. Much gratitude to the designers.

You can learn more about the book and how to acquire it here. I will keep you posted on any appearances, readings, release parties, flagpole sittings or drinking games that somehow involve the book. You can check out some of other stories and projects to the left. Thanks for visiting.